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More than just a rehab centre, Hope Again Wellness helps you find God’s presence and from that foundation rebuild your life with purpose – one step at a time.

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  • And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free – John 8:32

Why Hope Again Wellness Centres?

Exceptional Staff

We prioritise high-quality care with a significant staff-to-resident ratio, offering one-on-one counselling sessions led by our experienced and compassionate team.

Christian Rehab Centres in South Africa

Beneficial Therapy

We prioritise beneficial therapy options, offering therapeutic group sessions, belief therapy, and ancillary care practices, all led by our dedicated team.

Christian Rehab Centres in South Africa

Hope Again Culture

We foster a “Hope Again” culture with genuine care and a family atmosphere, maintaining high-standard facilities.

Christian Rehab Centres in South Africa

Long Term Programmes

Longer-term programs are proven to yield better recovery outcomes. Our dedication to affordability ensures clients can access and complete these programs, fostering better recovery outcomes.

Christian Rehab Centres in South Africa

Need To Talk To Someone?

Talk To Us About Rehab in South Africa

We understand you and your loved one’s struggle and are dedicated to helping people wrestling with addiction. Our years of experience and success stories speak about our commitment to recovery and healing.

We invite you to reach out to us and explore the best treatment options for you.

Call us or email us, we are here to help.

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Our Approach To Recovery

We firmly believe in the pursuit of God’s presence. In that relationship, hearts are healed, minds renewed and life is restored. God remains the centre of our treatment approach and we use His Word to teach and equip us to live not only productive lives, but lives filled with purpose and passion.

Hope Again Wellness surrounds you with people that have faith in the Lord Jesus, who love all God’s people and who know His incomparably great power.

Hope Again Wellness team includes:

  • 5 x social workers
  • 9 x therapeutic counsellors
  • 4 x nursing staff
About Us

Private Rehab Centres in South Africa

Serving South Africa and beyond

Hope Again Wellness Centres treat clients from all over South Africa and the world.

Our rehabilitation centres are strategically situated in outlying areas to offer a focused environment conducive to recovery. Being further away from home provides the benefit of minimising distractions, including those that may not necessarily be negative, such as interactions with family, friends, and colleagues. By removing these potential distractions, individuals can immerse themselves fully in the healing process, allowing for greater concentration on personal growth and recovery goals.

TB Truter
TB Truter
Hope Again has changed my life by showing me that a life free from addiction is possible and how I can make the choice to live that better life.
Nicole Schwim
Nicole Schwim
Hope Again Wellness Centre has given me a opportunity to change my life around. With everything they had to offer, Being able to be at a place of freedom. A sence of peace within to know that my actions does not define who I am. To discover a new identity in Christ and to have a renewed mind that has opened my eyes to the future.
Jared Martin
Jared Martin
Hope again is where my life changed where my mind change because repentance is a change of mind I am so grateful for where I am in my life because it was here that I learnt it's not a religion but a relationship with our Father
Michelle Fourie
Michelle Fourie
Hope Again Wellness centre understands the unique needs each client has. You get taught the tools required in order to make a success. Teaching the fundamental principles of Jesus Christ. The last 5 years of my life I truly believe it is purely because I found Jesus. And I can not thank you enough for this.
Itumeleng Galeboe
Itumeleng Galeboe
It is awesome everyone gets help
Dirk Deysel
Dirk Deysel
Changes people's lives definitely it changed my life and my mindset is renewed with Jesus Christ it a wonderful feeling and better lifestyle

Our Rehab Centres

Rehab Centre Potchefstroom

Rehab Centre in Potchefstroom

Our main centre sits on a spacious 20-hectare plot, 37 kms outside of Potchefstroom. It’s not just our administrative hub and a treatment facility—it’s a vibrant yet peaceful retreat where clients can focus on healing without the normal distractions. At Hope Again Wellness Potchefstroom, our long-term program spans nine months or more, providing much needed time for lasting recovery and growth.

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Rehab in Bloemfontein

Rehab Centre in Bloemfontein

Our Free State centre, 45 kms outside of Bloemfontein, rests in the heart of Soutpan amidst lush nature and reserves. Purposefully distanced from city life, it offers a serene backdrop for clients to focus on their individual journeys, free from past distractions and includes a new training facility where clients can enrich their education with our online schooling program. At Hope Again Wellness Centre Bloemfontein, we offer a range of program lengths to suit diverse needs.

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Breaking Free from Drug & Alcohol Dependency

What To Expect

Comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation programmes

Restoring your life with purpose – one step at a time.

During our comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation programmes, clients experience an intense journey with a focus on individualised therapy. Our program is structured on biblical faith-based principles and taught with therapeutic assistance from social workers, psychologists and skilful addiction mentors. Research and experience shows that the best treatment outcomes occur with long treatment programmes.


During the initial 6 weeks of the client’s arrival, we provide online support groups specifically designed for families and sponsors. These sessions aim to offer a deeper understanding of the processes the client undergoes, and as a platform for families to receive support in navigating their own experiences.

Family Support
Reintegration Into Society


Towards the end of the program, a crucial component is preparing for re-integration into society, and mitigating the risk a relapse. This phase helps clients build momentum and stay focused, whole it emphasises effective skills and the cultivation of healthy relationships.


Hope Again Wellness Center’s Aftercare component supports clients during their reintegration into society. Online sessions with – and the availability of counsellors, mentors, and/or life coaches, support the individual in unlocking their potential. Emphasising accountability, this phase assists in maintaining a functional and productive lifestyle. Additionally, connecting clients with halfway houses, support groups, and organisations, especially local churches, play a vital role in their success.



Hope Again Wellness Centres are rehabilitation centres of choice for numerous medical practitioners, countless social workers, and especially believers in God.

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Inspirational Stories of Recovery

With an around 70% successful completion rate, Hope Again Wellness Centres have a treasure of wonderful and encouraging real-life success stories.

These stories are a reminder that there is hope! 

Hope Again Wellness Centres, where the impossible happens.

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